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The Criminal Law Quiz 24'

The Society for Advancement of Criminal Justice is delighted to announce that we are going to organise a Criminal Law Quiz this year for high school in West Bengal, with a particular interest in law. An initiative first of its kind, aims to provide an invaluable exposure to students aiming to get into top NLUs, or any top University, of the country.

The Quiz will deal specifically with subjects surrounding Criminal Law, Criminology, Victimology, etc. The aim for the quiz is to raise awareness for criminal law in upcoming law students, so that they are aware about their basic rights and responsibilities.


Date of the event- 28th of January, 2024. 

Important details:

  1. There will be a total of 24 teams, consisting of 4 members each.

  2. All rounds will be knockout rounds.

  3. Each team will take part in the Preliminary Rounds.

  4. Out of the 24 teams, 12 teams will go into the Semi- Finals, based on the score they get. Followed up by 4 teams reaching the Finals.

  5. Both Preliminary and Semis will be questionnaire based.

  6. The Final Round will be judged on the basis of 2 rounds. First, teams will be given 90 seconds to answer as many questions as they can. Second, all the teams will together take part in Rapids, where a total of 10 questions will be asked, which can be answered by any team.


  • For every correct answer a team will be awarded 1 Point, and for every wrong answer they will receive a penalty of -0.25 Point.

  • For every question answered correctly in Rapids, a team will be awarded a total of 2 Points, and every wrong answer will invite a penalty of -0.25 Point.

  • Teams scoring the highest points in each round will move to the next rounds. In case of a tie the team which answers the least number of question wrongly, will move to the next round.

  • In case of uncertainty over any issue, the decision taken by the Authority-in-Charge will be considered to be the final decision.

Prizes and Recognition

  1. Winning team: Trophy for the team with Gold medals and certificates for the students.

  2. 1st Runners- up- Silver medal and a certificate for each student.

  3. 2nd Runners-up- Bronze medal and a certificate for each student.


  • While questions will be asked from a wide range of topics, the Legal Studies cbse books can be the main reference point for the students to prepare for the quiz.

  • Everyone is suggested to go through the provisions of the Indian Penal Code. Get an idea on the working and functioning of the Major Criminal Acts of India.

  • They are expected to have basic knowledge of the new bills brought in by the government, replacing the old criminal laws.

  • In addition, all the students are expected to be aware of the recent development in Criminal Law: i) Supreme Courts’ landmark verdicts ii) Recent news events concerning or dealing with criminal law.


  • The Registration Fees for a team is Rupees 800/-.

  • Payment can be made only through UPI Money transfer.

  • The UPI ID to which the registration fees should be paid is (rkimothi22@okhdfcbank)- Raaghav Kimothi.

  • Please contact us at for any queries regarding any registration query.

  • Once payment has been made, everyone is requested to fill this form.

Join us in this enriching experience and get a sneak-peek into the NUJS multiverse!!

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