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About The SACJ

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere"

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Society for Advancement of Criminal Justice (SACJ) is a premier academic body under the Student Juridical Association (SJA) at the National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS), Kolkata. Having been founded in the year 2004 by Professor Dr. Kavita Singh, a professor of Law at NUJS for the subjects of Criminal Laws, Criminology, Military Laws, Family Laws etc., the SACJ focuses on contemporary issues concerning Criminal Law and Justice.

The principles governing the interplay of criminal laws with the society and its conception of morality form the core of this Society. Considering the perennial importance of law and crime in any civilised society and given the increasing awareness regarding individual and collective human rights, the field of criminal justice has attained greater social significance than ever before. The role of criminal justice interventions in producing safe and just societies cannot be overemphasised upon, and the Society aims at fulfilling its greater responsibility towards the society. In doing so, the Society facilitates interaction between future lawyers and lawmakers to develop a holistic view of the criminal justice system and identify its loopholes, to allow remedial measures to be taken and mitigation mechanisms to be developed. Furthermore, the Society follows an interdisciplinary approach, which includes sociological and jurisprudential aspects of criminal justice within its ambit. In addition to this, it is the contemporaneous relevance of the functioning of Society that serves to raise the interest quotient of its members, thereby making it one of the most active academic associations in the University.

The quintessential objective of this Society is to foster a holistic research environment related to the school of Criminology and Criminal Justice as well as to promote discourse in the area of Criminal Law and it's related disciplines. This objective is aimed to achieve by promoting quality academic writing through various competitions like National Criminal Law Essay Writing Competition and Judgement Analysis Competition as well as by hosting sessions and talks by eminent lawyers, academicians, jurists and journalists related to this field of law. 

Besides that, the Society has at times collaborated with different agencies such as Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPRD), Central Training Detective Institute (CTDI), International Justice Mission (IJM) to encourage fieldwork in Criminal Law and Justice System among students. The society also contributes academically through the publication of blogs and articles related to the field of Criminal Law and its allied disciplines on a rolling basis. Besides that, the Society is also planning to soon come up with its own flagship journal, the NUJS-SACJ Criminal Law Review.

Presently the Society functions under the guidance of its faculty advisors, Mr. Faisal Fasih, Assistant Professor at NUJS, who teaches Indian Penal Code, Indian Evidence Act, Forensics, Consumer Law etc for LLB and LLM students, and Mr Surja Kanta Baladhikari, Faculty Member at NUJS, who teaches courses on Criminal Procedure Code, Victimology, Judicial Process & Access to Justice and Crimes against Women.

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